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I reached out to Katie when I felt I needed a little help with eating better and maybe try and lose a few pounds. Well what I got back and learned about myself was more than I ever imagined! Katie gave me the tools and support I needed to discover so many things. I learned I was an emotional eater, which was a complete surprise to me but made so much sense when I realized it. I learned how to track my food and adjust my meals to reach my goals. Through this process I not only lost weight and inches but I am a new person emotionally. I could go on and on but the bottom line is that Katie provides the support, wisdom, tools, insight, knowledge and follow-up you need. She is wise beyond her years and I highly recommend her! Jackie L

I began my journey to health with Katie when I was at a very bad place. Serious health problems, horrible diet. Katie helped me find my barriers. Then she helped me smash them!! IKatie makes me feel comfortable and created a special plan that’s individualized for my body and my life! I’ve never felt so great! and I’m also down 22 lbs in 5 mo’s!! Katie is still changing my life daily. I usually freak out about having clothes that are too tight. it’s even been a panic trigger in the past that leads to vomiting . Today however, I was trying to find a shirt that was tighter because I wanted to show my shape more. Katie, literally NEVER have I felt that great about myself.

Abby C

I finally took the plunge after I couldn’t kick the baby weight post-pregnancy. I couldn’t have made a better decision working with Katie. She taught me how to eat for my body type and broke down what I needed to do each day. Following her plan made it more flexible for my daily life and not overwhelming. She was so easy to talk to, work with and so supportive, even if I was having a rough patch. I’m now trained on what she taught me and follow it still in my daily routine and couldn’t be more happy with my results! Rachael L

Katie was instrumental in getting my health back on track. After years of abusing my body with dieting and hormonal imbalance, I have finally found what I need to do for not only my weight, but my overall health. I feel stronger and healthier than I have ever been in my life and know that I no longer have to battle with food. Her constant encouragement and support have help me change my life for the better.

Mary Lou K

Thank you Katie for helping me get my health back. I have struggled with my weight and health all my life and could never understand why diets never worked for me. Thanks to Katie, I am not only losing weight but I am learning to enjoy foods that I never would have tried before. My blood sugars are also going down. Without Katie I would have never been able to find to correct eating plan for me. I have finally met my goal of 40#. I would not have done it without your help and I would never have believed that I did it without starving and this fast. Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement. I am so blessed to have found you. Marly S

Katie is so knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition and physical fitness. She is very supportive and nonjudgmental if you slip up. She adjusts your program to make it fit with your lifestyle which helps you achieve your fitness/nutrition goals! I LOVE working with Katie, she makes going to work out enjoyable and not a chore! Would recommend her to anyone!! Clare K

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